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Albert Camus vs. Starbucks

Albert Camus, famous French author and philosopher, is known for this quote: “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee.” This sentence is very impressive once you start thinking about it. As an “existentialist”, he says that having a cup of coffee is not so much different than killing yourself. For him there is no purpose in the life. In the end, it doesn’t matter at all. These two actions have exactly same importance in the world.

 One can write fancy phrases on hypothetical cases. However when it comes to practice, the story is little bit different. Let’s see how he handled the situation. He died in a car accident. So, if he had the option between dying in a car accident and having another cup of coffee, I guess he would choose the coffee option. When he died actually, they have found an unused train ticket in his pocket. So, maybe he is not a guy that we should listen anyway.

 My point is different. Albert Camus was born in 1913 and he died in 1960. So, these are old times. Today, I was thinking what quotes our generation or future generations are gonna leave as a legacy. Here is my suggestions (Feel free to throw in your suggestions):

"Should I kill myself or should I finish looking at all the Instagram stories?

 "Should I kill myself or should I wait until the monday so that I can see my weekly discovery on Spotify?"

"Should I have a Nescafe or should I have a Nescafe?"

This is my photo right after i decided to have “tall chai tea latte without lactose” instead of killing myself. tomorrow I can try having white chocolate mocha without gluten. Nowadays, Starbucks is saving more life than hospitals and the Wi-Fi connection is a lot better.

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  1. #Funfacts

    -There is no actual proof that he said that but this quote has been attributed to him.

    -The ironic part is that he does not consider himself as an existentialist but anyway.

    -The Wi-Fi connection is not that good. I do not know the situation in the hospitals though.


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